There is no parking. We also do not have Bike and Motorcycle parking. There is a Temporary Parking.

There is Handicap Parking but the numbers are very limited, if you need guidance our staff will be of assistant.

Nomin Kenshu Center” Awase Fishers Market” “AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom 1F Arival Gate” will be the 3 location for the shuttle buses.

Depending on Traffic the shuttle buses should have about 20 to 30 mins in between

Yes. but if you would like to watch some of the events with stadium seats let us know prior and we will prepare a section or area.

sorry.Unfortunately we do not

Details are on our website or on the pamphlet you can acquire at the event

There will not be any hands-on experiences available.

Cameras are no issues but flying drones will be prohibited

Admission is free however once the venue has reached full capacity, there will be no admittance allowed (*see note).

Yes, you can bring outside food or drinks but we also have Vendors with various foods and drink aswell.

Unfortunately we do not

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