Koza Motor Sports Festival 2022 Visitor Questionnaire

Thank you for joining us today. We would like to take into consideration the opinions of various people, so please cooperate with us.

Please fill in the following about yourself.



Okinawa CitySouthern part of Okinawa Prefecture (Naha, Itoman, Tomigusuku, Nanjo, etc.)Central Okinawa Prefecture (Ginowan, Chatan, Kadena, Yomitan, Uruma, etc.)Northern part of Okinawa Prefecture (Nago, Motobu, Higashi, Kunigami, etc.)Outside the prefecture/Overseas

Company EmployeeSelf EmployedCivil ServantStudentHome WorkerUnemployedOther

Arrival time

Your Planned Stay Time

Number in your group/companions

What is the relationship of your group
Alone (N/A)FamilyFriend/acquaintancePartnerOther

◆There are 10 questions below. Please fill in the applicable items.

Question 1: How did you hear about this event? (please describe)
SNS(Official Facebook Instagram, etc.)WEB (Official homepage Okinawa City homepage Internet site event information)TV and radio commercialsSignboards, posters, flyersAcquaintances, friends, family members, people involvedMagazines and newsletters (Cross Sports Okinawa Information and other magazine pages)Other

Question 2: This event is in its 6th year running. How many times have you visited?
First timeSecond timeThird timeFourth timeFifth timeEvery time

Question 3: How did you come to the venue today? Please select one that applies as your last transportation.
WalkTaxiDropped offDrove your vehicleVehicle for related parties (private car, rental car, etc.)MotorbikeBicycleBus GroupCharter BusRoute BusCity Loop Bus**Shuttle Bus for Japan Events**Other(please explain)

≪**Applies for Question 3.1**≫
(Please answer only if you used the shuttle bus for this event)
Question 3.1: Where did you use the shuttle bus for this event?
AEON Rycom MallNomin Kenshu CenterAwase Fishing Port

Question 4: Please tell us what you were interested in at the venue. (as many as you want)
(Motor Sports Area):
Motor Sports competition demonstration runCompetition vehicle display (pit)Affiliated company booth

(Motor Show Area):
JAF child safety license issuanceMini PoliceFire Engine displayVehicle displayAffiliated company boothOkinawa City cornerSpecial Red Carpet corner

(Eating and drinking booth):
kitchen carstall game

Question 5: Were you able to feel the charm of motor sports through this event?
I loved itIt was alrightDidn't feel muchI didn't find it fun at allI can't say either way

Question 6: I think that motor sports can become a new type of tourism in Okinawa or one of the ways to revitalize the region.
Sufficient possibilityThere is a possibilityNot Likely

Question 7: This is the sixth time this event has been held. How do you feel about the environment surrounding motor sports in the prefecture?
Getting excitedI don't feel any changeVery boring

Question 8: Do you want this event to continue next year and beyond?
Please continueDon't have it continueI'm not sure

Question 9: In April 2021, the Motor Sports base facility “Motor Sports Multi-Field Okinawa” opened. Have you ever been there?
I have visitedI know about it but have never visitedI did not know about it

Question 10: Please let us know what you think of this event and what you think about the construction of the circuit that Okinawa City is aiming for.
Use the space provided below for your response:

★This is the end of the questionnaire. Thank you for your cooperation!

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