For access to each venue, click on the websites below:

  • Motor Show Area:
    Okinawa Arena


  • Motor Sports Area:Koza Sports Park


※There are no on site parking.(Including bike parking)
※Please use public transportation to come to the event
※Shuttle buses will be provided from event parking.
※Please do not park on the streets, it will cause problems to the neighborhood.

Okinawa City Cyclic Bus

Free Shuttle Bus

Free transportation from Event Parking to Event Site is provided


  • Currently we are arranging

Transportation Time

  • November 6th(SUN) Currently we are arranging


※Each bus will drive directly to the Event Site and Event Parking and will not stop during the drive※After getting to the designated location the bus will stop for 20 to 30mins ※Depending on the traffic, the arrival and departing time will change ※The last shuttle bus will be scheduled at 18:00 from the event ※Please do not miss the bus and stay ahead of schedule if you are planning to use the shuttle bus


    • Naha Bus Terminal to Sonda Bus Stop
      60 to 80mins 1.1km away

Okinawa Bus 27, 77, 80 / Ryukyu Bus 23, 27, 63, 90, 110, 112 Toyo Bus 31

    • Naha Air Port to Sonda Bus Stop
      about 70mins 1.1km away

Ryukyu Bus 123

    • Naha Air Port to Okinawa City Atheletic Park
      enterance about 50mins

Ryukyu Bus 113

    • Naha Air Port to Okinawa South IC(Express way bus) about
      50mins 400m away

Ryukyu Bus 111

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